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Share class name
Halifax UK Equity Income DGB00B1W8GD30:GBX
Halifax Far Eastern FGB00B29M9R03:GBX
Halifax Smaller Companies FGB00B29MD782:GBX
Halifax Special Situations FGB00B29M6R97:GBX
Halifax UK Growth GGB00B29M8174:GBX
Halifax European CGB0031810764:GBX
Halifax Ethical CGB0031811622:GBX
Halifax Far Eastern CGB0031810988:GBX
Halifax Fund of Investment Trusts CGB0031811739:GBX
Halifax International Growth CGB0031811408:GBX
Halifax Japanese CGB0031811390:GBX
Halifax North American CGB0031810871:GBX
Halifax UK Smaller Companies CGB0031811846:GBX
Halifax UK Equity Income CGB0031810541:GBX
Halifax UK Growth CGB0031810210:GBX
Halifax Special Situations CGB0031811952:GBX
Halifax UK FTSE 100 Index Tracking CGB0031810327:GBX
Halifax UK FTSE 100 Index Tracking BGB0031812257:GBX
Halifax UK Growth BGB0031826596:GBX
Halifax UK FTSE 100 Index Tracking DGB00B051ZF75:GBX
Halifax Cautious Managed Fund F AccGB00B29M6L36:GBX
Halifax Cautious Managed C AccGB00B051ZB38:GBX
Results per page: 102050